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The Germans are potato lovers. On average, every German citizen eats 60 kg per year. However, not in its pure form, the number of course also includes ready-made potato products such as chips or dumplings. Bavaria is a real potato paradise: top-quality potatoes, which leave nothing to be desired in terms of taste, grow here on around 41,000 hectares. This makes Bavaria the second largest potato-growing region in Germany after Lower Saxony. With the resulting harvest, we can supply all Bavarian potato fans with local potatoes. And because the potato fields are spread almost all over Bavaria, the distance from the field to the consumer is never particularly long. So we score with regionality.

Potato products

About 2/3 of the entire harvest ends up in processing companies. Tasty finished products are created here. In processed form, they are sold to the end consumer or delivered directly to the catering trade.

Altogether there are in Bavaria approx
Potato producers
Although potatoes are grown everywhere in Bavaria, there are areas that are particularly well suited to this and from which the largest proportion of Bavarian potatoes come.
The main growing areas are Upper Bavaria, Lower Bavaria, Swabia and Upper Palatinate.

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Potatoes are always in season

Potatoes are harvested over a longer period of time and can also be stored very well. This makes them available more or less all year round. The harvest starts at the beginning of July, and then the new potatoes are the first to be picked. Typical of the new potato is its fine taste. The main harvest begins in September with a wide range of different varieties. Early and main harvest come directly from the field for sale and then for consumption.

A great advantage of the potato is that it is easy to store. Stored in the right way, they can be kept throughout the winter and into spring. Storage potatoes are characterized by a particularly hearty taste.

The food trade and the manufacturers of Bavarian potato specialties are supplied from professional warehousing. Because more and more people are resorting to quick and practical methods of preparation, many Bavarian companies are processing the tasty Bavarian potato into tasty dumpling dough, Schupfnudeln, French fries, chips and the like.